Our latest stories and press releases from Prime CBD.

Mums go potty for CBD skin care.

annabidiol (CBD) has become a bonafied skin care trend since it was legalised in the UK back in November 2018, and is making its way into all sorts of day to day products. We have been inundated with orders from our skin care range ahead of Mother’s Day...

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CBD recipe renovation: We've gone the extra mile...

We're excited to announce that we have renovated our CBD capsule recipe, to replace the sugar derived power for vegetable fibre, inulin, in a bid to cater for people with all dietary requirements.

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The UK’s first ever CBD subscription service for all of our customers,

According to a study published in the Telegraph, adults forget three things a day. Around 15 million Brits will leave a cup of tea to go cold. Meanwhile, 12 million go to the shops only to completely forget what they went for...

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Depression at Christmas; how to survive the not-so-wonderful time of the year

Whilst most people may seem to embrace Christmas cheer as they prepare for the festive season, there’s no ignoring that for those who suffer with depression...

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Buy CBD in the UK; How a small family run business hit a high

Thanks to the fast-evolving industry, Brits are now able to buy CBD in the UK in many different forms, and here at Prime CBD, a family run, Tamworth based business, we have placed...

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We've teamed up with Emporium Gym, Birmingham!

We're pleased to announce that Birmingham's Emporium Gym is bucking the trend when it comes to CBD oil with

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How the beauty industry has gone potty
for CBD products.

Cannabis appears to be getting a makeover as a wellness product here in the UK, following the legalisation of...

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