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This was a passion project from the beginning: we saw what was happening in the USA, where state by state CBD was being legalised, and we didn’t think it was fair that people in the UK should be deprived access to equally high quality cannabis oil. At that time, most of the UK CBD oils being sold were made from industrial hemp waste. We were determined to do better. We began hunting for suppliers around Europe who could produce CBD oil made from hemp flowers and grown with the specific intention of becoming CBD oil.


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What Our Customers Say

  • Steven Stringer

    Highly recommended, fell great since using the CBD products and was very sceptical beforehand thanks

    Steven Stringer
  • Me Wheatley
    Fantastic and very knowledgeable little business. Having some issues with my joints and this little pot of magic seems to be really helping! Has also been great on my new tattoo, helping it to heal super fast!
    Me Wheatley
  • Jack Dodd

    3 months of using CBD balm and the results are exceptional. One small jar typically lasts 3-4 weeks.

    Jack Dodd
  • Sarah Marshall Bond
    This stuff is amazing my son had Autism and ADHD and doctors wanted to put him on medication but speaking to Bfit I changed my mind,they was so helpful and made me so at ease,my son has been on it 18months and it’s been amazing we wouldn’t be without it. I also take it get very bad anxiety but having this had totally helped We both take peppermint spray,I've recommended this to so many people 👌🏻
    Sarah Marshall Bond
  • Anna Stemmler
    The plus capsules from this site have completely changed my life. I have PTSD suffer from horrific anxiety and also panic attacks but over the last few years have tried many CBD products but the 800mg Coconut Flavoured Oil spray and just 2 of the Plus Capsules daily has changed everything for me. I feel like my old self and only use the spray as and when needed at times of extreme stress. I am so much calmer and able to deal with any situations much better now.
    Anna Stemmler
  • Jarad Morris

    I’ve been using CBD spray for 5 months and literally has been a life changer for me! Highly recommended.

    Jarad Morris
  • Judith Ore
    I need a new hip,but can't get one as l am not old enough(62) due to constant pain it effects my back and l don't walk properly....l was recommend by a friend who has tired cbd and after just a month l am sold on this product .l have been using 500g coconut flavor.. l am pain free and can walk better now...the guys in b-fit Tamworth are amazing and are so help full they really know there stuff...would so recommend this product
    Judith Ore
  • Anna Stemmler

    The vape is perfect for me, I use a pipette in my vape tank and gives me the benefits that I was searching for!

    Anna Stemmler